Our members

Women on Board has three different member categories: 

  • Founding members: the five women who created the Association and make up - together with three men – Women on Board’s Board of Directors;
  • Associate members: the women forming the pool of candidate board members, our "talent pool"; They are women who have successfully passed the different stages of the admission process.
  • Supporting members: men or women willing to support the Association and its values.

Core Competence Profile

Core Competence Profile expected from members

  • Ethical standards: to be fully compliant with fitting and proper general standards of business ethics;
  • Leadership qualities: to possess the skills and capacity required to build and evolve a strategic vision by conceptualizing key trends, supporting high-quality dialogue, demonstrating commitment and perseverance, while remaining constructively critical towards established patterns and any group mindset;
  • Languages: English, French and Dutch;
  • Management and organisation:  at least 15 years’ experience  in managing a medium-size/large organisation operating both nationally and internationally, or similar relevant experience; a thorough understanding of general management and organisational development best practices and of their application in complex, rapidly evolving business environments;
  • Flexibility: the ability and availability to perform the required tasks, coupled with a readiness to learn on an ongoing basis;
  • Wide experience and in-depth industry knowledge at a technical, legal, fiscal and financial level, including knowledge of the risks inherent to the activities and techniques used to manage these;
  • Accounting: familiarity with reading and interpreting company financial statements and with international accounting standards;
  • International exposure: international experience, gained through brief or extended periods of education or employment outside Belgium and/or through previous senior relations involving extensive international professional contacts;
  • Public affairs: familiarity with public and policy-making forums insofar as they affect business in general or the sector in which the enterprise is operating.