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To achieve its goals, Women on Board counts on your support as Corporate Partner.

A Corporate Partner can be any stakeholder which supports gender diversity in the board room (not at the price of competence). You can be:

  • A Belgian or foreign enterprise;
  • An executive search firm;
  • An institute;
  • Any other organization sharing the same vision ...

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Gold Partners

The Gold Partnership Package proposed by Women on Board to Partners

1. In consideration of their financial and promotional support as provided under 2) below, Women on Board offers Gold Partners a package including the following elements:

  • The name and logo of the Gold Partner will be posted on the website in the Gold Partner Section;
  • The Gold Partner will be entitled to organize an annual internal event for the benefit of its internal ‘customers’ (high-potential female employees, diversity management, ...), with the participation of Women on Board members;
  • The Gold Partner will be entitled to invite ten ‘high-potential’ women, members of their organization, to the events/training courses organized by Women on Board (ca. eight per year);
  • The name and logo of the Gold Partner will be advertised at each event, on presentation slides and other materials;
  • The Gold Partner will be given priority when applying to become a Diamond Partner, subject to the exclusivity rule.

Women on Board will keep its Corporate Partners informed of new opportunities, providing them with ongoing visibility in association with Women on Board.

2. The Gold partners’s financial commitment to Women on Board:

An annual payment of EUR 3.500, excl. VAT, to be paid on becoming a Gold Partner and at each anniversary date, upon receipt of the invoice, to the WoB bank account IBAN BE 91 3630 6421 7676.

3. The Gold Partner’s non-financial commitment to Women on Board

  • Collaboration: Women on Board can only be successful with the full collaboration of its Corporate Partners and therefore strongly encourages them to communicate any idea or action in relation to its mission that may boost the Association and the achievement of its goals.
  • Values: Corporate Partners are considered to be Women on Board ambassadors. They adhere to and respect the Association’s values (Diversity, Ethics and Integrity, Empathy, Sharing and Make it Happen). These values are posted on the Women on Board website. 

4. Duration

The Gold Partnership Agreement is entered into for an initial two-year period.



Gold Partnership