Mentoring & training

Women on Board aims at offering continuous training opportunity to its members through :

  • Mentoring programmes, in which the mentor is an experienced Director who will share his experience with a mentee who would like to improve his director skills;
  • Training events or seminars organised by sponsors on matters of interest for (potential) board members;
  • Referencing external training providers and courses 

Women Intergenerational Dialogue Program

What is Women Intergenerational Digital Dialogue Program

The Women Intergenerational Digital Dialogue (WIDD) program aims to improve digital skills and competencies of the WoB members by reverse mentoring with young high potential women having knowledge about digital transformation. In return the young high potential women will be introduced to corporate governance and executive management. This way we will

  • increase the digital competencies of our members
  • prepare young women to responsibilities at executive committee level and later at board level, and so creating the pipeline of next board candidates
  • create an intergenerational dialogue.

Why is a Digital Dialogue important?

Every board needs to effectively address a wide range of issues, from ensuring that the organisation attracts the right talent and develops the leaders it needs to achieve its strategic objectives, to re-examining its own composition to make sure it has directors with the knowledge, expertise and experience to address all of the issues of an increasingly globalised and digitally disrupted marketplace. Digitalisation and increasing global competition will require board members to have more diverse competencies and experiences than in the past.

This also implies that new fresh young talent needs to be elevated to the level of board member. It is the digital native generation that has the knowledge of digital transformation and can learn governance and leadership from existing board members.

Reverse Mentoring

We are convinced that reverse mentoring is an ideal method to support businesswomen, on their way to the boardroom, where a digital dialogue can make all the difference.

The reverse mentoring program is an opportunity for the mentee (WoB member) to exchange best practices on corporate governance practices, leadership, and diplomacy with the mentor (young high potential) who in exchange coaches the mentee on digital strategy and transformation.

This means that mentee and mentor will both follow a learning and ‘teaching’ curve. So that each mentor also becomes a mentee and vice-versa.

The WIDD program will last a full year and will start with a kick-off event on November 7th in Brussels whereby the mentee/mentor pairs will meet for the first time.

Fitting the profile

The Mentors:

  • young high potential women from various industries who show the capacity to become strong influential board members
  • have a proven knowledge of digital transformation within corporate business and can share this knowledge in a methodical format with the mentee
  • have a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • willing to share their know-how on technological skills/tools
  • willing to listen to good advice and prepared to try it out and discuss the outcome

The Mentees:

  • members of Women on Board (if not already a member of WoB, then the opportunity exists to become an effective or supporting member)
  • hold an executive position and/or knowledge of board experience
  • have a willingness to share, to discuss about their ambition and the obstacles they experienced
  • are willing to listen to good advice and prepared to try it out and discuss the outcome
  • are willing to advance their digital competence and take training courses if required (refresh or improve knowledge and expertise)

Women Intergenerational Digital Dialogue Program

A kick-off event will be organised on November 7th, 2016 for mentees and mentors to get to know each other. (please see the Kick-Off event page here for more information.).

The program will be held in English.

  • Women on Board will pair up mentor/mentee and communicate this to the participants.
  • an introduction training to Digital Technology of 2x half day will be foreseen for the mentees (1st part to start December 2016).
  • an introduction training to Governance of 2x half day will be foreseen for the mentors (1st part to start in December 2016)
  • minimum of 4-5 meetings/calls between mentor/mentee over the duration of the program
  • regular follow-up of status of meetings held per pair
  • preparation and presentation of case studies to support the dialogue
  • mid-term get together & evaluation
  • closing written evaluation
  • closing event + written report of results/lessons learned (end summer 2017)


Women on Board role is:

  • general coordinator of the program
  • point of contact for the mentors and the mentees during the program
  • selecting (also through interview mode) the mentees and mentors’ candidates based on motivation, experience & industry sector (the program is limited to 20 pairs)
  • matching mentor and mentee
  • providing the content material as source of inspiration for the mentors and the mentees
  • organising trainings with the help of service providers

What’s in it for me?

Mentor (Young High Potential)

The objective is to ensure that as mentor you have a year sharing experience with a board member/high level executive. This implies that you are able to ask and exchange ideas and critical points, openly. This experience will prepare you for senior management level.

Mentee (WoB member)

As mentee you will feel the drive of a young potential whose knowledge of social media, Apps, information management, agile working environment will help you understand the use of digital innovation and guide you to make/discuss opportunities at board level that will change/improve the company’s long term strategy.

At the end of the WIDD reverse mentoring program a paper with result of the program’s successes and lessons learned will be published.


All meetings between mentor/mentee will be organised by themselves and can take place, with preference, on-site at mentor/mentee location or over skype/phone.


Mentor (Young High Potential)

  • If your company is or becomes a Women on Board Diamond sponsor, then participation to this WIDD program is free for up to 3 mentors.
  • If you wish to present yourself as a Digital Dialogue mentor and your company is not sponsoring the WIDD program, then your participation fee is 500€ +VAT.
  • Priority will be given to WoB sponsors.

Mentee (WoB member)

  • If you are Women on Board member willing to be a mentee in the program, then participation as mentee is 500€+VAT (if your company is a sponsor to WoB then participation is free of charge).

What’s included?

Cost includes participation to the WIDD program, related events and trainings. Mentors and mentees shall bear their own travel and meeting expenses, if any.


If you are interested to be a candidate mentor or mentee, please send the below items to:

  • Letter of motivation
  • CV

The ultimate deadline to have your information is 21st October 2016.

Sponsoring Women on Board

In the context of the WIDD program

Become a WoB Diamond Sponsor

  • Diamond sponsoring is described on our website
  • Free registration of up to 3 mentors to the WIDD program
  • Logo at Kick-Off & Closing events
  • Logo on website (plus click through to own site)
  • Press coverage through press release about the program

Become a new WoB Gold or Silver Sponsor

  • Gold and Silver sponsoring formulas are described on our website
  • Free registration of 1 mentor for new sponsors
  • Logo at Kick-Off & Closing event
  • Logo on website (plus click through to own site)

Additional support through Digital Dialogue and Governance training, training/meeting room availability, speakers pitch at events can be part of the sponsorship package. Agreement to be negotiated with WoB.

Women on Board will ensure that all sponsors get the maximum visibility, mentions during events, speeches, on slides and press releases.                           

If you are interested in sponsorship or other information, please contact: